Praise for Ashley Killar’s book:

“Nothing prepared me for the depth of research and perception that Ashley has brought to his subject … above all the sheer readability of his book, which I believe will not only mark it out as the definitive record of Cranko and his ballets, but also make it widely read and enjoyed.”

from the Foreword by Sir David Bintley CBE, choreographer and director of Birmingham Royal Ballet 1995-2019

If you are are one of the many who are eagerly awaiting publication you have come to the right place for more info (see The Book). If you are simply ‘having a peek’ you will find fascinating snippets about the work and life of John Cranko on these pages.

Informative blog posts

Ashley Killar is providing regular articles (see blog posts) on this site. They will discuss topics ranging from Cranko’s first muse to the ballets he was planning when he died so prematurely.

Choreography and life story

Cranko was the choreographer who  brought about – in the words of the New York Times – ‘The German Ballet Miracle’. Cranko never found true contentment, and although he had a lifelong interest in people and their interrelationships he was often very lonely. Nevertheless, sparkling humour and deep compassion shine in many of his ballets.

“An unforgettable man”

Ashley Killar knew Cranko, and danced in the Stuttgart premieres of Onegin, Romeo and Juliet and many other Cranko ballets during the 1960s. As he says in the Prelude to the book, John’s choreography and life story are inextricably interwoven. He writes frankly and honestly about both, asserting that his book “is intended as a loving tribute to an unforgettable man”.

Testimonial from Reid Anderson:

“Questions about a life  such as John Cranko’s cause us to ask where? when? with whom? how? and above all why? Ashley Killar’s book answers those questions, enabling the reader to ‘connect the dots’ of John’s short, industrious life in a very knowledgeable, personal and meticulously researched work. Ashley has written the book with care, passion and love!”

Reid Anderson, Intendant of Stuttgart Ballet 1996-2018

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