Cranko’s associates

Cranko’s working life was divided into three distinct phases – South Africa, England and Germany.

Wherever Cranko was he associated with people distinguished in the arts. Among them were painters, musicians, dancers, administrators and teachers. Some, like Balanchine and Piper were already well established. Others, especially dancers and designers, Cranko helped to embark on highly distinguished careers.

Occasional blog posts on this website will bring you pictures and information about people who were associated with John during his lifetime. Pictured here are a few of those distinguished people. Can you name them?

Look out for existing and new blogs. The following people are, or will be, included:

Peggy van Praagh

Walter Erich Schäfer

Jürgen Rose

Dorothee Zippel

 Patricia Neary

John Piper

Anne Woolliams

Jürgen Rose

Hanns Ebensten

Violette Verdy & Arthur Mitchell


Svetlana Beriosova

David Blair

Patricia Miller

David Poole

Desmond Heeley


Watch out also for blog posts about Cranko’s lost or forgotten ballets, and one with snippets from his scrapbook.

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