Booklaunch in Sydney

Ballerina Vicki Attard joined me to discuss Cranko’s ballets.

Vicki Attard has danced each of Cranko’s three great ballerina roles to rapturous acclaim. Juliet is her top favourite, but Tatiana (in Onegin) and Katherina in Taming of the Shrew come close. At the recent launch, Vicki spoke of these roles as perfect gifts to the ballerina. She has always been recognised as a great actress ballerina, and I think Cranko would have loved her. Now that she is teaching in Sydney, her students are indeed fortunate to have a teacher of such experience.

The dance wear chain Bloch kindly organised a book launch party at their flagship store in Sydney’s York St. Vicki and I were interviewed by president of the Ballet Society, Greg Khourey. Here is a video snippet from our wide-ranging discussion.

The event was attended by friends and family, with members of the Ballet Society and some of the country’s ballet elite: David McAllister, Yulia Furnas, Robyn Ross, Archie MacKenzie, Kit Lethby, Hilary Kaplan, Shane Carroll, Adrian Burnett and Peroozi Desai-Keene were among the guests. There were many others, too numerous to list here. Thanks to Sandie Windsor-Richards and her staff for a fun-filled evening.

A rant about theatre shops!

Why so few books?

It seems that most theatre bookshops are run by private concerns (I know of one that relies on Airport Giftshop suppliers for its stock). As a result they are full of souvenirs and trinkets, and, in the case of ballet-related goods for children, the items are inevitable pink or glittery. Isn’t it lovely when theatre shops stock books that have some relation to what is on their stage! Better still when they are open and accessible for browsing before the show and during intervals.

Instead of fostering the long term benefit of educated audiences, short term profit is too often the order of the day.

If you agree with me, and your local theatre shop falls short, please pester the manager. No point simply accepting  philistine attitudes!


latest news – 7 Sept.

Never write a book!! A short time ago I was excitedly telling everyone “only a month until my book comes out”. But when I was checking a final proof at the end of August, I decided to add some information to the Appendix. My wife says I’m  crazy (probably true) as this will delay the book by a few weeks – but as I have spent over 7 years on this book it is worth a few weeks to include the additional information.

The official publication date is now 28th Nov., but it will almost definitely be ready earlier – These blogs will always carry the latest news of availability, special discounts, and more! 

Meanwhile, if you are ever thinking of writing a book – brace yourself!