For researchers

A note from Ashley Killar:

Much of the information in Cranko: the Man and his Choreography, is published for the first time. Despite the book’s size there was not enough room to include details of the genesis of some Cranko ballets. However, as promised in the book, the following information is available:

  • Brouillards: music research
  • Harlequin in April: background information
  • Onegin: research notes
  • Pineapple Poll: background notes
  • The Lady and the Fool: research notes
  • Cranko and music: an essay
  • Please note that the poems that Cranko used in Song of my People (Ami Yam, Ami Ya’ar) in an English translation are available on the following link:

If after reading ‘Cranko: the Man and his Choreography’ you want to know more about the genesis of the ballets listed above or other Cranko choreography-related subjects, maybe I can help, copyright allowing. Feel free to contact me via the form below and I will see if I can assist. I look forward to hearing from you. Ashley K.